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Web Process

Stage Four:

Review and construct


Representatives of both the client and BCG will review the working model and supply feedback on their own experience of the site.


This information is reviewed by

the team involved with managing

the project and changes are made

as required.


Stage Five: Documentation, training and support


Concurrent to Stage Four,

simple illustrated instructions will

be prepared. It will outline the core processes of changing content on

the site, supply specifications for content creation as well as instruction on other back-end functions.


This final document would be made available online via a password protected interface for content managers and creators.


Stage Six: Go Live!


The site is transferred to the live URL.

Stage One:

Project planning and specification


This stage consists of an interview program and desk research that is assisted by client response to our overview questionnaire and subsequent meetings.


Stage Two: Visual Style and Technical Construction


As a result of the project / brand investigation work carried out in stage 1, action will be taken in two areas;


1. Visual style: 

An overall look and feel for all brand transactions


2. Technical specs: 

Plan of site architecture


Stage Three: Technical



The static design templates approved in Stage two are constructed as templates and linked together to form

a working Model of the site.


You are able to move through the site now and give feedback on the way information is presented and linked