Brandmark Creation

BCG are specialists in the development and implementation of logo and corporate identity programs, including detaiied styleguides. Here are some of

the companies we have recently

completed projects for:


1.   BrightSky Australia

2.   BioMat Connect

3.   BCG

4.   Camelot Lounge

5.   Monsieur Camembert

6.   CCES

7.   CMS Consulting

8.   de Jager and Associates

9.   Optival

10. ACWP

11. Paynter Dixon

12. PMGP

13. Spastic Centre

14. Together for Humanity

15. Whiddon Group

16. ACPS 

17. Trantek-MST


Brandmark: A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition.